UPDATE AUGUST 2021: The proposal to build on the large semi-wild garden in Church Street has been amended. Our previous objections have held the applicant to account, causing them to modify the original plans BUT it still remains a development of 9 houses, with a wider access gate and an additional breach in the old wall for pedestrian access.

The applicant’s proposed mitigations do nothing to reduce the harm to the area’s heritage and could, potentially, actually cause further harm to the natural environment.

As such the development will STILL:

  • Urbanise and change the character of Church Street
  • Build on an important open space
  • Cause harm to trees and wildlife
  • Create yet more traffic
  • Put more stress on the local infrastructure (e.g. local drains, which already can’t cope with increased usage)

DESPITE RUMOURS THAT THIS IS A DONE DEAL OR THAT THERE ARE NO GOOD GROUNDS FOR OBJECTION, THERE IS STILL ALL TO PLAY FOR: the professional advice that we have received is that the development would result in such significant harm that BDBC must take this into account.

For details click here: BDBC Planning Portal Application 20/03262/FUL

BDBC deadline Tuesday 24 August 2021

N.B. Every adult in your household who is entitled to vote
(i.e. is on the BDBC Electoral Roll) may submit their own objection